Original WW1 Czarist, WW2 Soviet , Warsaw Pact and Russian Federation Items

(Code: 1907)
125.00($ 158.94)
WW2 Soviet Military Standard Flag Pole TopWWII era cast metal pole top for Soviet military standards.Maker stamped and 13 inches in height


(Code: 2208)
75.00($ 95.36)
Imperial Russian Silver Medal For ZealAwarded for service to the Russian state and crown in times of war and peace. It came in 4 classes the large gold medal, small gold medal, large silver medal, and small silver medal. The medal is approximately 28 mm in diameter, minus ribbon


(Code: 1747)
45.00($ 57.22)
Hungarian Communist Era Belt BuckleSmall part of blue enamel missing to lower left side of crest.Unidentified.Any info appreciated.


(Code: 794)
45.00($ 57.22)
Russian Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov Trinket BoxDated 1996,very nice Russian hand painted wooden trinket box with portrait of Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov (1751-1818) commander of the Don Cossacks during the Napoleonic Wars.Above portrait in Russian cyrillic script his name and birth and death dates however the death 1818 is painted 1881.Artist oversight no doubt. In 1806 commanded a Cossack Corp at the battles of Eylau,Guttstadt and Friedland.In 1812 supported General Bagration with a Cossack Corp at Korelichi,Mir and Romanovo.At Borodino he faced the French left flank and conducted a cavalry assault which while not having an immediate effect on the French made Napoleon hold back his Imperial Guard.During Napoleons retreat from Moscow he persistently harassed the French in their rear for which he was awarded the title of Count Of The Russian Empire.
After the war he accompanied Tsar Alexander to London where he was awarded an honorary degree from Oxford University

(Code: 2900)
35.00($ 44.50)
WW2 Russian RG33 Grenade PouchV.G.C.

(Code: 2494)
25.00($ 31.79)
East German FDJ/FDGB Jungaktivist MedalEast German Free Trade Union Young Activist Medal.In issue box.Maker label to box


(Code: 2459)
25.00($ 31.79)
East German FDJ Freundschaft MedalCased East German Trade Union Friendship Medal.Small crack to case


(Code: 2677)
15.00($ 19.07)
Soviet Lithuanian Lietuvos TSR 1940-65 MedalFor good work and active in social activities
(Code: 2050)
5.00($ 6.36)
Soviet Cap StarCold War era Soviet cap badge.

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