WW2 German Armed Forces

(Code: 2288)
175.00($ 236.15)
LAH149 Panzerjager 1Leibstandarte version
(Code: 2203)
165.00($ 222.65)
WSS209 Sd.Kfz 222 Armoured CarSS Armoured car with SS markings and death heads
(Code: 1503)
150.00($ 202.41)
King & Country BBG003 Winter Tank Riders Mint condition tank riders in winter uniforms ideal for winter dispays and mounting on tanks and vehicles
(Code: 2815)
120.00($ 161.93)
WSS112 'Open Fire'
(Code: 2152)
115.00($ 155.18)
BBG002 Winter Patrol3 Figures in winter uniforms including MG42 Gunner


(Code: 2270)
85.00($ 114.70)
BBG12 Radio GroupWaffen SS Radio pair in winter uniform and snow shoes
(Code: 1992)
35.00($ 47.23)
BBG006 Crossing The Road German SoldierFrom BBG006 SET.Single German Soldier advancing With MP40
(Code: 472)
35.00($ 47.23)
BBG006 Crossing The Road German SoldierSingle figure from the BBG006 SET.
(Code: 1392)
29.00($ 39.13)
KM14 Kapitanleutnant... Shouting Wearing typical seagoing uniform this young officer is issuing orders
(Code: 849)
29.00($ 39.13)
LW07 Luftwaffe - HelferinFemale members of the Luftwaffe performed meteorlogical work ... radar control ... searchlight duties.
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