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WW2 German Adolf Hitler PosterA rare wartime period poster of the most famous image of Hitler with the infamous slogan 'Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer' to bottom. Maker 'CARL WERNER REICHENBACH i.v.' printed to bottom right corner. Excellent condition with creases along fold lines. Would be recommended for framing to preserve this excellent example of Third Reich Fuhrer Propaganda. Size 85 cm x 59 cm. The poster was brought back with other items by an R.A.F. veteran and we acquired this item from his family.


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£ 100.00($ 139.11)
The Armour Of Imperial RomeBy H.Russell Robinson.Quite simply the bible on Roman armour and no other reference work comes close.Hardback


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£ 100.00($ 139.11)
The Story Of The Green Howards.
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£ 95.00($ 132.15)
WW2 South African General Smuts Book With SignatureSigned to front page of his 1940 book "The Speeches of General The Rt.Hon. J.C. Smuts,P.C.,C.H.K.C.D.T.D." Also included are some South African newspaper clippings from the Second World War.


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£ 90.00($ 125.19)
Waffenrock-Parade Uniforms Of The German ArmySealed Hardback with dust cover. 592 pages,1140 photos nearly all in colour.R .James Bender Publishing.1st Edition
(Code: 2899)
£ 60.00($ 83.46)
War With The Boers by H.Brown volumes 1-4, volume 5 missing.


(Code: 1865)
£ 55.00($ 76.51)
Personnel Documents Of The SS350 Pages.By Charles Barger and J A Bowman.Imperial Publications


(Code: 1945)
£ 49.95($ 69.48)
The War Diaries of a Panzer Soldier: Erich Hager with the 17th Panzer Division on the Russian FrontThe Treasure Bunkers First Book The War Diaries of a Panzer Soldier: By Kenneth Andrew and David Garden.Erich Hager with the 17th Panzer Division on the Russian Front 1941-1945.If you would like a signed copy by Kenny at no extra charge please send an email or phone before ordering the book.

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£ 45.00($ 62.60)
The Collectors Guild to Cloth Third Reich Headgearsmall 1cm tear to the dust cover edge of the book on the top left hand side

By Gary Wilkins.

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£ 40.00($ 55.64)
Vintage Flying HelmetsVintage Flying Helmets
(Code: 949)
£ 47.99($ 66.76)
Forman’s Guide To Third Reich Documents Vol. 1  By Adrian FormanAfter several years of intense research by Adrian Forman, Volume 1 of his "document price guide" is now available to compliment his popular 2nd Edition of "Forman's Guide to Third Rech German Awards...and Their Values." This heavily illustrated book not only shows certificates/documents for every award illustrated in the 2nd Edition, but also numerous variations and their current values. The many variants will show comparisons of official stamps and printing styles, and original or facsimile signatures in relation to date, plus, the many types of design and size. An absolute "must have" if your interest is Third Reich decorations!
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£ 38.99($ 54.24)
Postcards Of Hitlers GermanyPostal Stationary/Printed To Private Order/Propaganda
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£ 30.00($ 41.73)
Arthur Bryant Historical TriogyThe historian's renowned trilogy of books on Britain ,1793-1802 The Years Of Endurance,1802-1812 Years Of Victory,1812-1822 The Age Of Elegance.Hardbacks.Approx 1500 pages . 
(Code: 2717)
£ 30.00($ 41.73)
Queen's Own Highlanders -Seaforth And CameronAuthor Angus Fairrie.Large format Queens Own Highlanders History.Purchased at R.H.Q. Fort George, Inverness, 1998. Soft cover.290 pages.Excellent condition. 2nd Edition. A history of this famous Scottish regiment including histories of the Camerons and Seaforths before amalgamation.WW1 and WW2 histories. Full battle honours and hundreds of photos including colour plates.


(Code: 2741)
£ 30.00($ 41.73)
Die Wehrmacht
(Code: 2751)
£ 30.00($ 41.73)
The All American.An illustrated history of the 82nd Airborne Division.
(Code: 1935)
£ 25.00($ 34.78)
Rorke's DriftHardback book in excellent condition.Many photos many unpublished.Over 400 pages
(Code: 1374)
£ 21.00($ 29.21)
Austerlitz-Napoleon's Greatest TriumphVHS Video and 96 Page book.
(Code: 1756)
£ 21.00($ 29.21)
The Frontier Ablaze 1897-98The North-West Frontier 1897-98 by Michael Barthorp.Hardback with many colour plates.One inch tear to top left of dust cover.
(Code: 1890)
£ 21.00($ 29.21)
Napoleon 1812 The Road To MoscowVHS Video and 96 page book.
(Code: 1505)
£ 20.00($ 27.82)
The Roman Wall In ScotlandBy Sir George MacDonald.Hardback Second Edition 1934

(Code: 288)
£ 20.00($ 27.82)
The Roman Fort At BalmuidyBy S.N. Miller M.A. .First Edition 1922 Hardback


(Code: 10)
£ 18.00($ 25.04)
Deadlock before MoscowHistory of Army Group Centre by Franz Curowski, hardback.
(Code: 1863)
£ 18.00($ 25.04)
101st Airborne In Normandy A History In Period Photographs
(Code: 2086)
£ 18.00($ 25.04)
Soldaten-On Fighting Killing And DyingThe Secret Second World War Tapes of German POW'S.

Hardback 442pages

(Code: 2117)
£ 18.00($ 25.04)
German Pistols And Revolvers 1871-1945Ian V Hogg.Arms And Armour Press 1971.164 Pages.Hardback.No dust cover but excellent condition.
(Code: 1526)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Flanders Then & NowExcellent book by the John Giles
(Code: 1596)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
The Western Front Then & NowSuperb book written by the late John Giles

(Code: 1724)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
A History of The World In 100 ObjectsHardcover.600 pages
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£ 15.00($ 20.87)
WW2 British 'The Eighth Army' Book Published 1944 and prepared for the War Office by the Ministry Of Information.104 pages and hundreds of photographs.Covers period of September  1941-January 1943


(Code: 2424)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Freedom From FearAuthor David M.Kennedy.The American People In Depression And War 1929-45.942 pages
(Code: 2620)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
The Somme Then & NowThe late John Giles acclaimed book on the Somme
(Code: 2754)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
The Western FrontHardback.By Richard Holmes
(Code: 2832)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Collectors Guide To German WW2 Medals & Political AwardsThe Satellite States.162 pages
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£ 15.00($ 20.87)
(Code: 2844)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Poems From The Desert.Foreword By Montgomery.
(Code: 2336)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Great Military BlundersHardback.Author Geoffrey Regan
(Code: 2871)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
“I’m the 82nd Airborne Division!” A History of the All American Division in World War II After Action reports.Hardback 500 plus pages many photos
(Code: 1096)
£ 12.00($ 16.69)
My Fathers KeeperChildren Of Nazi Leaders-An intimate history of damage and denial.Hardback.250 pages
(Code: 1477)
£ 12.00($ 16.69)
The Battle Of Arnhem-Theirs Is The Glory Video & BookAfter The Battle Publications Video and extensive book with many photos and liner notes on film production.
(Code: 2098)
£ 12.00($ 16.69)
Mongols,Huns & VikingsHardback.Author Hugh Kennedy.224 pages.
(Code: 107)
£ 10.00($ 13.91)
Imperial Guardsman 1799-1815
(Code: 1278)
£ 10.00($ 13.91)
The Coming Of The Third ReichHardback.Author Richard J Evans.626 pages
(Code: 1344)
£ 10.00($ 13.91)
The Battle Of Poitiers160 pages.46 illustrations.
(Code: 1904)
£ 10.00($ 13.91)
Hitler's ChildrenInside the Families of the Third Reich.Hardback.Author Gerald Posner.250 pages

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