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(Code: 1828)
495.00($ 661.42)
WW1 British Machine Gun Periscope No31Very rare periscope made for enabling the firing of a machine gun from the safety of a trench.Developed from the earlier Type 30.Brass made with cross hair sights.Maker stamped 'Periscope 31 A.Kershaw & Son Ltd Leeds 1918  No 221.War Department stamp is present.

(Code: 1810)
185.00($ 247.20)
WW2 British MKII Royal Armoured Corp Tanker's Revolver HolsterStamped to reverse but this is ineligible.

(Code: 903)
110.00($ 146.98)
WW1 British Bullet Pencil From Princess Mary Tin3'' length.Brass casing with Princess Mary cypher and lead pencil contained within bullet casing.Was originally contained in the Princess Mary tin that was given to British soldiers

(Code: 506)
10.00($ 13.36)
WW2 US Army Bag For Metallic Belt Links Stamped 24 b 706 with remains of paper label to front.

(Code: 952)
6.00($ 8.02)
Replica WW2 German K98 Rifle Cleaning RodFor attaching to K98 rifle, 32cm steel rod.Both ends are threaded so three can be joined together to form a full length rifle cleaning rod.

Price each

(Code: 518)
5.00($ 6.68)
WW2  MG34/42 feeder stripfor use with MG34/42 links

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