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(Code: 1828)
399.00($ 555.03)
WW1 British Machine Gun Periscope No31Very rare periscope made for enabling the firing of a machine gun from the safety of a trench.Developed from the earlier Type 30.Brass made with cross hair sights.Maker stamped 'Periscope 31 A.Kershaw & Son Ltd Leeds 1918  No 221.War Department stamp is present.

(Code: 683)
265.00($ 368.63)
WW2 German Luger Holster Untouched since the war this holster was part of a collection brought back by an R.A.F. veteran that we have acquired. Dated 1936 and maker marked 'C.HEINICHEN'. Rare maker also has Waffenampt stamp. Would polish up nicely if desired.


(Code: 2300)
150.00($ 208.66)
WWI British Gun Sighting TelescopeBrass telescope 52 cm length.Maker marked 'W.G. PYE & Co Cambridge 1918'. Marked G.S. TELESCOPE X 8.Still working order.


(Code: 1416)
125.00($ 173.88)
WW2 British Tankers Revolver HolsterGood condition all complete and with 6 inert revolver .38 rounds


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(Code: 1810)
125.00($ 173.88)
WW2 British MKII Royal Armoured Corp Tanker's Revolver HolsterStamped to reverse but this is ineligible.

(Code: 506)
10.00($ 13.91)
WW2 US Army Bag For Metallic Belt Links Stamped 24 b 706 with remains of paper label to front.

(Code: 952)
6.00($ 8.35)
Replica WW2 German K98 Rifle Cleaning RodFor attaching to K98 rifle, 32cm steel rod.Both ends are threaded so three can be joined together to form a full length rifle cleaning rod.

Price each

(Code: 518)
5.00($ 6.96)
WW2  MG34/42 feeder stripfor use with MG34/42 links

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