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Other Manufacturers & Vintage tanks and figures

(Code: 2875)
295.00($ 385.02)
Honour Bound HB015A Winter Jagdpanther With box.Polystone resin.1/32 SCALE


(Code: 1446)
285.00($ 371.97)
Honour Bound HB05C German Bergpanther Recovery VehiclePolystone resin model with figures.1/32 Scale .Comes with box


(Code: 1985)
280.00($ 365.44)
WW2 German Lineol Mussolini Mounted Figure
Original 1930's horse and figure by Lineol .Horse in good condition with most paint intact and just a crack to front right leg.This is quite stable and not likely to deteriorate.Mussolini figure is excellent condition with nearly all paint intact .Base of horse is marked 'LINEOL GERMANY'


(Code: 2640)
210.00($ 274.08)
WW2 German Lineol Field Marshall Hermann Goring FigureMade by Lineol and stamped to base.Figure in excellent condition for age.


(Code: 2815)
195.00($ 254.50)
WW2 German Elastolin Field Marshall Hindenburg FigureVery nice figure with porcelain head .There has been small repair to sword.Maker stamp to base.


(Code: 2881)
35.00($ 45.68)
WW2 German Elastolin SA Mann Marching  Stamped 'ELASTOLIN GERMANY' to bottom


(Code: 1961)
10.00($ 13.05)
Del Prado Soldierscollection of Del Prado figures of many nations and periods.
mounted figures £10 each unmounted figures £5 each.
If you add an item to cart we will send one random mounted figure or two unmounted, call or email for specific figure.

All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present