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Replica WW1 and WW2 German and Allied Militaria

(Code: 2689)
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Replica WW2 German Dr. Fritz Todt Prize Steel GradeDr. Fritz Todt steel grade award, with award number 87 to reverse and dated 8 2 44. Still retaining it's paper tag. There is disagreement between collectors of this numbered type of Fritz Todt badge. Some think it original and made by a different maker, whilst others don't like it. It is fair to say no one so far has manged to prove it either way. So in light of this, we are selling it as a high quality replica to be on the safe side. 
(Code: 1403)
265.00($ 354.43)
Replica WW2 German Luftwaffe M42 HelmetSingle decal helmet.Original shell.Replica liner size 59.Replica chinstrap is maker stamped and dated 1941.
(Code: 2898)
225.00($ 300.93)
WW2 German Feuerwehr M34 Helmet & Neck GuardFeuerwehr M34 helmet complete with liner, chinstrap and neck guard. Helmet features a Heinkel decal, although these factory decals did exist we are not 100% comfortable with it so are selling the decal as a post war addition to be on the safe side. Liner has owners name written inside 'Brockmann'. Also other initials 'W.H.'

(Code: 2091)
195.00($ 260.81)
Replica WW2 German Luftwaffe M42 HelmetDouble decal Luftwaffe helmet.Remains of both decals are replica.Original wartime shell.Replica liner and chinstrap.Liner size 57.Shell stamped.Chinstrap has RB number.
(Code: 266)
195.00($ 260.81)
 German 1950's Bundesgrenschutz HelmetExcellent condition helmet of the German Federal Border Guard Police from the 1950's. Liner and chin complete and near mint condition.Liner stamped '57-61'. Shell is size stamped '66' and maker stamp LS for 'LINNEMANN & SCHNETZER, AHLEN '. Rare to find this helmet in this condition. 


(Code: 684)
185.00($ 247.43)
Replica WW2 German Cased Silver Oakleaves complete with Knights Cross Of The Iron CrossNice one piece antique aged effect Knights Cross with high quality Silver hallmarked Oakleaves. Good quality ribbon with black ribbed tie bands for neck wear.
Leatherette case with flock base and cream cloth backing pad to lid.Hinge closure.

(Code: 2222)
175.00($ 234.06)
WW2 German Luftschutz M38 Gladiator Helmet  Luftshutz M38 Gladiator style helmet complete with liner and chinstrap. Helmet features a Junkers decal, although these factory decals did exist we are not 100% comfortable with it so are selling the decal as a post war addition to be on the safe side.Complete with liner and chinstrap.
The helmet retains nearly all its original blue paint.Liner complete with some tears to the liner fingers where the string threads through.Owners name 'Kathe Ahnelt' to front interior and to rear skirt stamped 'RL2-38/28' made by Paul Diener Dresden .
Decal label beneath 'Hochstpreis RM 8- ' (Maximum price 8 Reichmarks ) 'Vertrieb genehmight genab S 8 Luftschutzgesetz' ( Distribution approved according to section 8  Air Protection Legislation). 'Kopfweite 55' (Head with 55)


(Code: 1342)
155.00($ 207.31)
1950's WW2 German Waffen SS Wolfgang Willrich Prints Collection. A 1950's reproduction of the famous artist Wolfgang Willrich WW2 collection of his drawings of SS Soldiers head profiles,some famous Officers included.12 prints and introduction foreword by Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.This collection comes in a nice folder with SS runes to front in metallic silver. Originals of these are near impossible to find and the reproductions themselves are very scarce.

(Code: 2662)
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Replica WW2 German Bronze Mounted Cavalry Officer Bronze statue 10'' x 7.5''.Highly detailed.
(Code: 2583)
65.00($ 86.94)
Czech Communist Fanfare TrumpetPost war Czech Communist Fanfare trumpet.Made by the famous company Amati Kraslice.Identical to the ones made for the Hitler Youth,then the town of Kraslice was called Graslitz and part of the Sudetenland. Kraslice was famous for its many musical instrument manufacturers and in 1948 under the Communist regime they were organised into a Co-operative and Nationalized.These companies provided the Communist Government with instruments for their Military Bands and Youth group musicians.
The trumpet is brass and has the fittings for the banner.Manufacturer stamp to top front .Much surface rust but this could be treated. The front has extensive damage to the bell part with much unusual splitting of the brass.
(Code: 849)
60.00($ 80.25)
Replica WW2 German Ten Medal Ribbon BarHigh quality replica ribbon bar for ten medals based on Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's 


(Code: 1672)
55.00($ 73.56)
Replica WW2 German War Merit Cross With Swords First ClassVery high quality Floch copy. Maker stamp L11 for Wilhelm Deumer
(Code: 1666)
45.00($ 60.19)
Replica WW2 British Home Guard Flashes 'Eye Of The Needle' FilmFrom the 1981 film starring Donald Sutherland.Pair of Designation Flashes for Home Guard Units.
(Code: 2335)
45.00($ 60.19)
Replica German Infantry Assault Badge In SilverGood quality aged replica.
(Code: 820)
36.00($ 48.15)
Replica WW2 German War Order of the German Cross in GoldWar Order of the German Cross in Gold. The German Cross was established in 1941 as an intermediate award ranked between the Iron Cross 1st Class and the Knights Cross. The Gold grade was awarded for bravery during front line military service. Despite its attractive price this copy has the same construction as an original being constructed of no less than five separate pieces in different finishes that are pinned together.
(Code: 2195)
30.00($ 40.12)
German 1950's Esbit StovePostwar German stove stamped Esbit to front and on inside 'D.R.P.u. Ausl.Patente'.Differs from war time versions in having the 'teeth' to lid doors.

(Code: 1874)
25.00($ 33.44)
Replica WW2 German Luger MagazineMetal replica Luger magazine for the Japanese made MGC Luger model gun. These Lugers were last made in the 1980's and are now quite scarce. V.G.C.

You must be over 18 to buy any type of gun.  Sorry guns can not be posted outside of the UK.
(Code: 2242)
25.00($ 33.44)
German Bundezgrenschutz Butter/Fat Container Molded  bakelite container.Screw off top lid.These were early postwar and used by the Bundezgrenschutz in the early 50's (German Federal Border Control)
A good option for reenactors as almost identical to WW2 Third Reich ones.
(Code: 2387)
25.00($ 33.44)
Replica WW2 German BDM Gruppenfuhrerin Summer Breast EagleExcellent replica version in machine woven thread and with GES GESCH to top corner.

(Code: 1031)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica WW2 German Stabshelferin des Heeres Armband  Replica printed cotton armband
(Code: 1617)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica WW2 German Im Dienst der Deutschen Polizei ArmbandPrinted canvas armband with Police stamp
(Code: 1630)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica  WW2 German Bahnhofs Polizei ArmbandPrinted cotton
(Code: 1953)
20.00($ 26.75)
Code: G738V Replica WW2 MK2 US Pineapple hand grenade GreenYou must be over 18 to buy any type of gun. Sorry guns can not be posted outside of the UK.
(Code: 2257)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica WW2 German Knights Cross Of The Iron Cross High quality replica with full length ribbon.
(Code: 2558)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica WW2 German General Assault BadgeGood aged and weathered replica example.
(Code: 2579)
20.00($ 26.75)
WW2 Swiss Zeltbahn Tent Pole/Pegs Carrying Bag WW2 Swiss issue zeltbahn pattern bag almost identical to the German ones.Has the Swiss shield stamp and maker stamped 'W.HAAS BLACKEN & DECKEN ,BIEL 1941.3 wooden poles and 3 alloy pegs with rope come with the bag.Two alloy buttons hold the closure flap in place.


(Code: 542)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica WW2 German Deutsche Wehrmacht ArmbandPrinted yellow armband with stamp to inside
(Code: 759)
20.00($ 26.75)
Replica WW2 German Arbeitet Fur OT Armband
Cotton printed armband
(Code: 886)
20.00($ 26.75)
Code: G738 Replica WW2 MK2 US Pineapple hand grenade BlackYou must be over 18 to buy any type of gun.  Sorry guns can not be posted outside of the UK.
(Code: 899)
20.00($ 26.75)
WW2 Swiss Zeltbahn Tent Pole/Pegs Carrying Bag WW2 Swiss issue zeltbahn pattern bag almost identical to the German ones.Has the Swiss shield stamp and faint maker stamp. wooden poles and 3 alloy pegs with rope come with the bag.The three poles have been stamped with 'SS 39/38 RZM' a well known fake stamp seen on these type of poles.The wooden pegs have maker stamps.Two alloy buttons hold the closure flap in place.
(Code: 919)
17.99($ 24.06)
Replica WW2 German  Kuban Battle ShieldThe Kuban Battle Shield was instituted on the 20th September, 1943. They were issued to members of the German armed forces who defended the bridgeheads of the Kuban region.Following their defeat at Stalingrad in February, 1943, the Wehrmacht was forced back into the Kuban region. The bridgeheads in the region were of vital strategic importance, with Hitler earmarking the area as the potential base for launching a counter attack on the Soviet Army. The Kuban Shield was awarded to those who formed the defensive line through the region, symbolised by the lower half of the shield.Bronzed gilt finish, these shields are complete with steel backing plate and field grey cloth backing material.
(Code: 1109)
15.00($ 20.06)
Replica WW2  Italian Alpine Troops BadgeFor tropical helmet.

(Code: 2030)
15.00($ 20.06)
Replica WW1 German Wound Badge In BlackVery good replica.
(Code: 2535)
15.00($ 20.06)
Replica WW2 German Hitler Youth 'This Is The Hitler Youth' BookFully reproduced copy of this Hitler Youth book published in the 1930's by the German Youth Publishing Co,Berlin.Hundreds of images and text including section on the BDM-Bund Deutscher Madel( League Of German Girls.)


(Code: 2666)
15.00($ 20.06)
Replica Imperial German 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class With Aged EffectThe 2nd class Iron Cross also known as the EKII was awarded for a single act of bravery in battle, or a distinguished action above and beyond the call of duty. The medal has an aged finish, and also comes with 6 inches of the according Iron Cross ribbon.
(Code: 977)
15.00($ 20.06)
WW2 Swedish Army Longsleeve ShirtLong sleeve thermal aertex shirt Issued to Swedish Army in WW2.Has black ink on chest collar that has covered a Swedish stamp possibly done by someone to pass off as German.Its Swedish!

(Code: 1896)
14.00($ 18.72)
Replica WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge Bronze GradeThis Army Infantry Assault Badge in Bronze was awarded to servicemen of the German Infantry for participation in three separate combat engagements. Although originally only in silver, the bronze version was introduced in 1940 to be awarded to armoured assault troops. These badges feature the original style steel needle pin on the reverse as well as the maker's mark.
(Code: 1623)
12.00($ 16.05)
Replica WW2 German Luftwaffe Recruitment Poster60cm x 60cm .A few small tears.Issued in 1970's. 
(Code: 2213)
10.00($ 13.37)
Replica WW2 German BracesPostwar issue ideal for WW2 Reenactment.Maker stamped.

(Code: 443)
10.00($ 13.37)
Replica WW2 German SS BadgeEnamel badge with RZM and maker mark.
(Code: 2432)
9.95($ 13.31)
Replica WW2 German Edelweiss Cap BadgeMetal edelweiss cap insignia as worn by German Mountain Troops or Gebirgsjager. The badge takes the form of the Edelweiss flower and were worn on the ski cap or 'Bergmutze'. This is the 2nd type post WW2 design with aged finish, but is very similar to the WW2 design.
(Code: 2827)
9.95($ 13.31)
Replica WW2 German SS Officers Arm Eagle

Silver bullion arm eagle on a black wool backing, as worn by German S.S. Officers during WW2.

(Code: 1733)
8.00($ 10.70)
Replica US Combat Infantryman Badge The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is a United States Army military award. The badge is awarded to infantrymen and Special Forces soldiers of the rank of colonel and below, who fought in active ground combat while assigned as members of either an Infantry, Ranger or Special Forces unit, of brigade size or smaller, any time after 6 December 1941. 
All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present