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Replica WW2 German Awards & Medals

(Code: 1071)
75.00($ 93.80)
Replica WW2 German Cased Golden Party Badges Superb reproduction of the Golden Party badges with full size and miniature versions will lovely enamel inlay and both numbered and 'GES GESCH ' marked.Case has lovely gilt eagle with swastika to front faux leatherette case and felt inlay with satin lining.


(Code: 1565)
45.00($ 56.28)
Replica WW2 German Army Flak BadgeGood quality replica ,very detailed.
(Code: 1931)
35.00($ 43.77)
Replica WW2 German 14th Panzer Division Commemorative MedallionCommemorates the Panzer reconaissance batallion 40 of the 14TH Panzer Division. 
(Code: 1248)
15.00($ 18.76)
Replica 13th March MedalOfficially called The March 13, 1938 Commemorative Medal, the award was used to commemorate the return of Austria to the German Reich. It is also known as the Anschluss Medal, and was awarded to Austrian members of the NSDAP and contributors to the campaign.
(Code: 2256)
15.00($ 18.76)
Replica WW2 German Krimschild Issue PacketMarked in black ink 'Krimschild' to front and maker stamp to reverse
(Code: 2038)
4.00($ 5.00)
Replica WW2 German  'LDO' Award Paper EnvelopeWar time style 'LDO' envelope of the type used for German military medals.Paper construction with the 'LDO' motif applied to the front and standard LDO information to the reverse. The LDO or Leistungsgemeinschaft der deutschen Ordenhersteller was the quality control organization regulating retailers of orders and decorations.