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Replica WW2 German Awards & Medals

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Replica WW2 German War Order of the German Cross in Gold.War Order of the German Cross in Gold. The German Cross was established in 1941 as an intermediate award ranked between the Iron Cross 1st Class and the Knights Cross. The Gold grade was awarded for bravery during front line military service. Despite its attractive price this copy has the same construction as an original being constructed of no less than five separate pieces in different finishes that are pinned together.
(Code: 1931)
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Replica WW2 German 14th Panzer Division Commemorative MedallionCommemorates the Panzer reconaissance batallion 40 of the 14TH Panzer Division. 
(Code: 202)
£ 18.00($ 23.10)
Replica WW2 German Knights Cross Of The Iron CrossMaker marked 'L12' and '800'.Although the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross was ranked second to the Grand Cross, the award was in fact the most coveted of all Third Reich Germany's decorations.These WW2 Crosses have an antiqued finish, and come complete with correct suspension loop and 12Ē (30cm) of neck ribbon.
(Code: 1248)
£ 15.00($ 19.25)
Replica 13th March MedalOfficially called The March 13, 1938 Commemorative Medal, the award was used to commemorate the return of Austria to the German Reich. It is also known as the Anschluss Medal, and was awarded to Austrian members of the NSDAP and contributors to the campaign.
(Code: 2256)
£ 15.00($ 19.25)
Replica WW2 German Krimschild Issue PacketMarked in black ink 'Krimschild' to front and maker stamp to reverse
(Code: 626)
£ 14.00($ 17.97)
Replica WW2 German Iron Cross First Class with Aged EffectThe Iron Cross 1st Class is one of the most famous awards in military history. This WW2 design has the the swastika and the 1939 date on the front, and was one of the highest decoration of the war.These pin back badges are die struck in one piece and have an aged, antique finish with a black painted centre. The reverse has the correct flat pin which is completed with the makerís code mark.
(Code: 1201)
£ 10.00($ 12.83)
Replica WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class with aged effect The 2nd class Iron Cross also known as the EKII was awarded for a single act of bravery in battle, or a distinguished action above and beyond the call of duty. Die struck one piece, with silvered finish and black painted centre, 1939 and swastika to the front and  1813 on the back.Complete with 6 inches of ribbon.
(Code: 2197)
£ 8.00($ 10.27)
Replica WW2 German Knights Cross Oakleaves and Swords with Aged EffectIntroduced in June 1940 as an extension of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, these replicas of the Oakleaves with Swords have an aged finish and the reverse is complete with the correct fold over prongs for fitting.

(Code: 2038)
£ 4.00($ 5.13)
Replica WW2 German  'LDO' Award Paper EnvelopeWar time style 'LDO' envelope of the type used for German military medals.Paper construction with the 'LDO' motif applied to the front and standard LDO information to the reverse. The LDO or Leistungsgemeinschaft der deutschen Ordenhersteller was the quality control organization regulating retailers of orders and decorations.
All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present