Replica WW2 German Awards & Medals

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Replica WW2 German Eagle Order 2nd Class with SwordsEagle Order 2nd Class with Swords .Instituted on 1st May 1937 this high award was awarded to foreigners only as a mark of recognition and esteem by the German Government. The version offered is the 2nd Class with Swords which was issued to military personal of Italy and other allies of Germany during WWII. Die struck in bronze and finished in white enamel in gilt. The swords are riveted onto the front of the cross.
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£ 35.00($ 48.82)
Replica WW2 German War Order of the German Cross in SilverWar Order of the German Cross in Silver. The German Cross was established in 1941 as an intermediate award ranked between the Iron Cross 1st Class and the Knights Cross. The Gold grade was awarded for bravery during front line military service. Despite its attractive price this copy has the same construction as an original being constructed of no less than five separate pieces in different finishes that are pinned together.
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£ 23.95($ 33.41)
 Replica WW2 German Luftwaffe Pilot Observer's Badge With DiamondsThe Luftwaffe Diamond issue of the Pilot/Observer Badge was introduced by Hermann Göring in 1935.Its recipients were extremely varied, ranging from the German military elite including Erwin Rommel, Wolfram von Richthofen and Göring himself, to Finnish Commander-in-Chief Baron von Mannerheim and Italian leader Benito Mussolini. It features the bejewelled eagle clutching the swastika at the centre, framed by a laurel and oakleaf wreath.Complete with maker's name on reverse and flat pin, the badges have a semi-matt gilt wreath and silver eagle, bejewelled with imitation diamonds. The piece is also made in the correct two-piece, riveted construction.
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Replica WW2 German Spanish Cross In Gold With DiamondsThe Spanish Cross was awarded to members of Legion Kondor, a Division comprising of German Soldiers serving in the Spanish Civil War. The issue with diamonds was reserved for those deserving the highest honour, and was only ever awarded to 28 people, predominantly successful Luftwaffe Pilots.This gold issue is made from a zinc alloy and finished with a ring of imitation diamonds around the swastika. They also feature the correct vertical pin on the reverse.
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Replica 13th March MedalOfficially called The March 13, 1938 Commemorative Medal, the award was used to commemorate the return of Austria to the German Reich. It is also known as the Anschluss Medal, and was awarded to Austrian members of the NSDAP and contributors to the campaign.
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Replica WW2 German Mine Rescue Medal WW2 German Mine Rescue Medal, the obverse depicts crossed miner’s hammers superimposed with the national insignia. The reverse has the raised inscription, " Fur Verdienst im Gruben wehrwesen” For service in the mines.
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Replica WW2 German S.S. 8 Year Long Service MedalS.S. 8 Year Long Service Medal. This award was was instituted on 21st October 1938 and bestowed after 8 years loyal service in the S.S. This superb original quality piece is die struck in bronze with the correct patinated finish. It is complete with the unique S.S. style beveled suspension ring and eccentric loop- not found on examples offered elsewhere.Supplied with 6”/15cm of the correct blue ribbon.
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Replica WW2 German Golden Party Badge Small Size Numbered TypeThe Golden Party Badge of the N.S.D.A.P. Small size numbered type. This smaller version of the Golden Party Badge was worn on civilian dress. This badge has excellent enamel quality and very crisp detail on the wreath. The reverse is engraved with the issue serial number and Complete with brooch pin.
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Replica WW2 German 1939 Bar to the Iron Cross 2nd ClassThis 1939 Bar to the Iron Cross was awarded to recipients of the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class who were subsequently awarded the 1939 Iron Cross during WWII. The bar features the maker’s code on the reverse, and is fixed onto its ribbon with four fitted prongs.This insignia is finished in matt silver plate, and is supplied with a 6"/15cm length of 1914 Iron Cross ribbon.
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£ 12.94($ 18.05)
Replica WW2 German Olympic Games MedalDie cast and silvered with correct ribbon of the German Olympic Memory Medal (Deutsche Olympia-Erinnerungsmedaille).This silvered medal was awarded for service in the organisation of the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin. This was the lowest of the three classes of the German Olympic Decoration (Deutsche Olympia-Ehrenzeichen or Deutsches Olympiaehrenzeichen) and was not restricted to German Nationals.The back is stamped "Für Verdienstvolle Mitarbeit Bei Den Olympischen Spielen 1936" when translated means "For Meritorious Collaboration At The Olympic Games 1936".Supplied with 6 inches of the correct black edged orange ribbon with white stripes.
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Replica WW2 German 1939 Bar to the Iron Cross 1st ClassThe 1939 bar was awarded during WW2 to recipients of the 1914 Iron Cross First Class, who had subsequently been awarded the 1939 Iron Cross.Reverse features correct flat pin and is finished in matt silver plating with burnished highlights.
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Replica WW2 German Hitler Dank BadgeHitler's Thanks for fundraising badge.Maker marked to reverse.
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£ 6.95($ 9.69)
Replica WW2 German Knights Cross Oakleaves and Swords with Aged EffectIntroduced in June 1940 as an extension of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, these replicas of the Oakleaves with Swords have an aged finish and the reverse is complete with the correct fold over prongs for fitting.

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Replica WW2 German  'LDO' Award Paper EnvelopeWar time style 'LDO' envelope of the type used for German military medals.Paper construction with the 'LDO' motif applied to the front and standard LDO information to the reverse. The LDO or Leistungsgemeinschaft der deutschen Ordenhersteller was the quality control organization regulating retailers of orders and decorations.
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