Replica WW2 German Metal and Cloth Insignia

(Code: 1544)
£ 45.00($ 62.60)
Replica WW2 German Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Shoulderboard CyphersLAH N.C.O's cyphers for the shoulderboards. These were purchased in the late 1980's by the author Robin Lumsden as original and there is some debate by SS collectors whether they are original or not, with 50% of collectors who believe they are original and 50% who believe they are produced in Eastern Europe. The fact these were purchaised before the Berlin Wall came down seems to dispel this theory, however in light of this we have erred on the side of caution and are selling them as high quality replicas with a view that they are possibly original but have no conclusive evidence. We have priced them accordingly, prongs to reverse missing.
(Code: 2580)
£ 35.00($ 48.69)
WW2 German SS Stick Pin With Retaining SpringReplica pin with original spring loading retainer


(Code: 1341)
£ 25.00($ 34.78)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS EM's Sleeve EagleVery high quality copy  
(Code: 2171)
£ 25.00($ 34.78)
Replica WW2 German Army Officers Tunic Breast EagleStamped 'A' for Assmann
(Code: 2488)
£ 25.00($ 34.78)
Replica WW2 German SS Cap SkullHigh quality replica marked M1/122 and RZM   
(Code: 682)
£ 25.00($ 34.78)
Replica WW2 German SS Cap EagleRZM marked.Good quality replica
(Code: 1788)
£ 20.00($ 27.82)
Replica WW2 German Landwacht Police ArmbandCotton armband with some staining.Faint Police stamp to front.


(Code: 2067)
£ 20.00($ 27.82)
Replica WW2 German Sanitatsmann ArmbandCotton armband with black ink stamp for medical auxilliary or orderly

(Code: 2622)
£ 20.00($ 27.82)
Replica WW2 German Landwacht Police ArmbandCotton armband with some holes to front and reverse.Stamped Landwacht to front and with Police stamp below.
(Code: 1816)
£ 16.00($ 22.26)
Replica WW2 German Golden Party Badge Small Size Numbered TypeThe Golden Party Badge of the N.S.D.A.P. Small size numbered type. This smaller version of the Golden Party Badge was worn on civilian dress. This badge has excellent enamel quality and very crisp detail on the wreath. The reverse is engraved with the issue serial number and Complete with brooch pin.
(Code: 2407)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Replica WW2 German NSFK Breast/Sleeve InsigniaReplica Machine embroidered NSFK national emblem
(Code: 2688)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Replica WW2 Italian Alpine Troops BadgeWorn on tropical hat
(Code: 654)
£ 15.00($ 20.87)
Replica WW2 German SS Stick PinGES GESCH marked
(Code: 923)
£ 12.95($ 18.01)
Replica WW2 German Army Infantry Officer Collar TabsPair of Infantry Officers' collar tabs. Each pair bears white waffenfarbe as worn by Officers of the German Infantry during WW2. This is a hand embroidered product featuring white piping on aluminium wire and a green wool backing.
(Code: 2874)
£ 12.95($ 18.01)
Replica WW2 German Army General's Cap Wreath & CockadeGerman Army Generals metal peaked cap wreath and cockade.Worn by German Army Generals on the peaked visor cap.Die struck in brass with a semi matt gilt finish with two flat fixing prongs.Also used by Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery officers.This metal insignia features the wreath with a semi-matt gilt finish alongside the tricolour cockade.
(Code: 1938)
£ 10.95($ 15.23)
Replica WW2 German Kriegsmarine Cap Wreath & CockadeKriegsmarine Officer's gold bullion cap wreath and cockade, on a dark blue backing.As worn by Kriegsmarine Officers in World War Two.Hand embroidered featuring gold wire and coloured silks on dark blue wool.
(Code: 1173)
£ 10.00($ 13.91)
Replica WW2 German Hitler Dank BadgeHitler's Thanks for fundraising badge.Maker marked to reverse.
(Code: 2382)
£ 8.00($ 11.13)
Replica WW2 Luftwaffe Paratroopers Cloth BadgeThe Fallschirmjager badge was earned by paratroopers of the Luftwaffe during WW2. The cloth version was worn on the service tunic in place of the metal award, which had the potential to be a hinderance or get damaged in the field. The badge is  embroidered in a mouse grey and golden yellow cotton on a Luftwaffe blue wool backing.
(Code: 1667)
£ 7.95($ 11.06)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Gebirgsjager Edelweiss BadgeEdelweiss insignia of the German Waffen SS Gebirgsjager, machine embroidered in silver thread on black cloth backing.

(Code: 2415)
£ 7.00($ 9.74)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Alloy Cap EagleQuality reproduction Waffen SS or Allgemeine SS silver alloy metal cap eagle.Features M1/52 makers mark and RZM stamp on the reverse plus two pins for attachment.
(Code: 843)
£ 6.95($ 9.67)
Replica WW2 German Kriegsmarine Officer Cap EagleKriegsmarine Officer's peaked cap gold bullion cap eagle. Hand embroidered gold wire on a dark blue wool backing.
(Code: 858)
£ 6.00($ 8.35)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Cap Skull With Aged EffectQuality replica Waffen SS aged silver alloy cap skull.RZM and M1/52 makers mark on reverse with two prongs for attachment
(Code: 1074)
£ 6.00($ 8.35)
Replica WW2 German alloy Waffen SS cap skull Metal silver alloy skulls as worn on the peaked caps of the Waffen SS and Allgemeine SS. They are complete with the R.Z.M. and M/52 maker's code on reverse.The cap skulls have a semi-matt silvered finish.
(Code: 1011)
£ 5.00($ 6.96)
Replica WW2 German Kriegsmarine EM's Tunic EagleMachine embroidered breast eagle, as worn on the tunics of the enlisted man of the Kriegsmarine. They feature golden yellow detailing on a dark blue backing cloth.
(Code: 1514)
£ 5.00($ 6.96)
 Replica WW2 German SS cap EaglePlated metal, budget quality SS cap eagle. Ideal for theatrical or fancy dress purposes complete with two pins to reverse.
(Code: 1977)
£ 5.00($ 6.96)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS EM's Bevo Cap Eagle Waffen S.S. enlisted man's silk woven cap eagle. The insignia features the cap eagle in mouse grey on a black background, and have the correct ‘Be-Vo’ war-time style manufacture. Exceptional quality with the correct reverse - very difficult to obtain as this correct manufacturing style is rarely used.
(Code: 737)
£ 5.00($ 6.96)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Enlisted Mans Bevo Sleeve EagleWaffen S.S. enlisted man's silk woven arm eagle. Mouse grey eagle on black in the correct ‘Be-Vo’ war-time style manufacture. Exceptional quality with the correct reverse.Very difficult to obtain as this is the correct manufuring style and is rarely used.
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