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Replica WW2 German Metal and Cloth Insignia

(Code: 2387)
£ 30.00($ 38.20)
Replica WW2 German BDM Gruppenfuhrerin Summer Breast EagleExcellent replica version in machine woven thread and with GES GESCH to top corner.

(Code: 1031)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica WW2 German Stabshelferin des Heeres Armband  Replica printed cotton armband
(Code: 1617)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica WW2 German Im Dienst der Deutschen Polizei ArmbandPrinted canvas armband with Police stamp
(Code: 1630)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica  WW2 German Bahnhofs Polizei ArmbandPrinted cotton
(Code: 1808)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica WW2 German NSDAP ArmbandRed wool armband with a sewn white ribbed rayon disc and a sewn black ribbed rayon multi piece mobile swastika.Excellent copy looks just like the real thing. 
(Code: 2140)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica WW2 German Landwacht ArmbandIncorrect spelling n instead of w.Printed armband
(Code: 542)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica WW2 German Deutsche Wehrmacht ArmbandPrinted yellow armband with stamp to inside
(Code: 759)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica WW2 German Arbeitet Fur OT Armband
Cotton printed armband
(Code: 961)
£ 20.00($ 25.47)
Replica S.A. Pennant Finial
(Code: 1109)
£ 15.00($ 19.10)
Replica WW2  Italian Alpine Troops BadgeFor tropical helmet.

(Code: 2432)
£ 9.95($ 12.67)
Replica WW2 German Edelweiss Cap BadgeMetal edelweiss cap insignia as worn by German Mountain Troops or Gebirgsjager. The badge takes the form of the Edelweiss flower and were worn on the ski cap or 'Bergmutze'. This is the 2nd type post WW2 design with aged finish, but is very similar to the WW2 design.
(Code: 2827)
£ 9.95($ 12.67)
Replica WW2 German SS Officers Arm Eagle

Silver bullion arm eagle on a black wool backing, as worn by German S.S. Officers during WW2.

(Code: 2415)
£ 8.00($ 10.19)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Alloy Cap EagleQuality reproduction Waffen SS or Allgemeine SS silver alloy metal cap eagle.Features M1/52 makers mark and RZM stamp on the reverse plus two pins for attachment.
(Code: 1074)
£ 8.00($ 10.19)
Replica WW2 German alloy Waffen SS cap skull Metal silver alloy skulls as worn on the peaked caps of the Waffen SS and Allgemeine SS. They are complete with the R.Z.M. and M/52 maker's code on reverse.The cap skulls have a semi-matt silvered finish.
(Code: 1667)
£ 7.95($ 10.12)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Gebirgsjager Edelweiss BadgeEdelweiss insignia of the German Waffen SS Gebirgsjager, machine embroidered in silver thread on black cloth backing.

(Code: 2452)
£ 5.00($ 6.37)
Replica WW2 German Waffen S.S. EM BEVO Cap Skull

The insignia features the Totenkopf in mouse grey on a black background, and have the correct ‘Be-Vo’ war-time style manufacture. Exceptional quality with the correct reverse - very difficult to obtain as this correct manufacturing style is rarely used.

(Code: 737)
£ 5.00($ 6.37)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Enlisted Mans Bevo Sleeve EagleWaffen S.S. enlisted man's silk woven arm eagle. Mouse grey eagle on black in the correct ‘Be-Vo’ war-time style manufacture. Exceptional quality with the correct reverse.Very difficult to obtain as this is the correct manufuring style and is rarely used.
All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present