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Replica WW2 German Metal and Cloth Insignia

(Code: 1995)
£ 295.00($ 368.93)
Replica WW2 German SS Gruppenfuhrer TunicVery high quality SS Officer's Tunic for Brigadefuhrer (Major General ) .As worn by Reinhard Heydrich when he held this rank.Complete with bullion wire shoulder,collar and arm eagle insignia. Pilots badge included.High quality interior lining with maker label 'G. ASSMANN ,UNIFORM-WERKSTATTEN, HALLE .d.d. SAALE'
(Code: 657)
£ 85.00($ 106.30)
Replica WW2 German Hitler Youth Trumpet Banner
Nice multi construction replica banner complete with replica RZM label
(Code: 2387)
£ 35.00($ 43.77)
Replica WW2 German BDM Gruppenfuhrerin Summer Breast EagleExcellent replica version in machine woven thread and with GES GESCH to top corner.

(Code: 1341)
£ 25.00($ 31.27)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS EM's Sleeve EagleVery high quality copy  
(Code: 1031)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Stabshelferin des Heeres Armband  Replica printed cotton armband
(Code: 1215)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German HJ Feuerwehrabzeichen Sleeve BadgeMachine woven badge worn on the left  forearm sleeve by HJ Fire Fighting Squad members
(Code: 1617)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Im Dienst der Deutschen Polizei ArmbandPrinted canvas armband with Police stamp
(Code: 1630)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica  WW2 German Bahnhofs Polizei ArmbandPrinted cotton
(Code: 1815)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Totenkopf Stick Pin Badge Good quality but minus the pin.
(Code: 2119)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Einsatzsturm der NSDAP ArmbandPrinted cotton armband with Party stamp
(Code: 2140)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Landwacht ArmbandIncorrect spelling n instead of w.Printed armband
(Code: 542)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Deutsche Wehrmacht ArmbandPrinted yellow armband with stamp to inside
(Code: 759)
£ 20.00($ 25.01)
Replica WW2 German Arbeitet Fur OT Armband
Cotton printed armband
(Code: 1109)
£ 15.00($ 18.76)
Replica WW2  Italian Alpine Troops BadgeFor tropical helmet.

(Code: 1184)
£ 15.00($ 18.76)
Replica WW2 German HJ Drivers Sleeve BadgeNice  machine woven  replica sleeve badge
(Code: 2407)
£ 15.00($ 18.76)
Replica WW2 German NSFK Breast/Sleeve InsigniaReplica Machine embroidered NSFK national emblem
(Code: 661)
£ 15.00($ 18.76)
Replica WW2 German NSFK Sleeve/Breast InsigniaVery nice machine embroidered badge featuring Icarus and swastika
(Code: 1678)
£ 10.00($ 12.51)
Replica WW2 German Hitler Youth Cloth BadgeNice machine woven badge with aged effect

(Code: 2415)
£ 8.00($ 10.00)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Alloy Cap EagleQuality reproduction Waffen SS or Allgemeine SS silver alloy metal cap eagle.Features M1/52 makers mark and RZM stamp on the reverse plus two pins for attachment.
(Code: 1514)
£ 5.00($ 6.25)
 Replica WW2 German SS cap EaglePlated metal, budget quality SS cap eagle. Ideal for theatrical or fancy dress purposes complete with two pins to reverse.
(Code: 737)
£ 5.00($ 6.25)
Replica WW2 German Waffen SS Enlisted Mans Bevo Sleeve EagleWaffen S.S. enlisted man's silk woven arm eagle. Mouse grey eagle on black in the correct ‘Be-Vo’ war-time style manufacture. Exceptional quality with the correct reverse.Very difficult to obtain as this is the correct manufuring style and is rarely used.