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(Code: 2080)
265.00($ 364.51)
Four Boys Brigade Medals & Membership CardFour medals for the Best Drilled Boy of 235th Glasgow Company,named to Pte J.Boyle for the years 1932,1933,1934,1934-35. All Silver Hallmarked with cornflower blue ribbons on bar. All aquired from family. Also available but sold separately on website are his POW Camp belt with assorted badges. ref 2821,  and POW paperwork ref 2319   
(Code: 1422)
99.99($ 137.54)
Nemesis Now Elvis Presley Figurine Bust Ornament

Cast in resin with bronze finish.33 cm height.

(Code: 2216)
79.99($ 110.03)
Nemesis Now Bronzed Halvor Viking Longship FigurineBronzed Viking Longship Figurine. The perfect addition to any Viking collection. Cast in high-quality resin. Painstakingly hand-painted. 24 cm high
(Code: 667)
64.99($ 89.39)
Nemesis Now Viking Berserker28.5 cm high. Polyresin cast in bronze finish.
(Code: 1921)
59.99($ 82.52)
Nemesis Now Sir William Wallace 28.5 cm high. Polyresin cast in bronze finish.
(Code: 1201)
54.99($ 75.64)
Nemesis Now Iron Throne ChaliceResin with stainless steel insert
(Code: 2817)
34.99($ 48.13)
BjornViking figurine.Cast in polyresin.Hand painted.18 cm height.
(Code: 1562)
20.00($ 27.51)
Buddha Statue From ThailandGood quality resin in gold.5 and a half inches tall.Came from Phuket in Thailand.


(Code: 1949)
12.99($ 17.87)
Robert The Bruce Figurine11.5 cm polyresin figure 
(Code: 1320)
10.00($ 13.76)
Glenfiddich Celtic Brooch


All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present