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Rock, Pop, Fantasy and other Collectors items

(Code: 382)
695.00($ 966.47)
Vintage Signed Scarface PosterExcellent condition rare poster with original signatures of Director Brian De Palma,Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer,Robert Loggia,Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Steven Bauer.Will be posted in tube.
(Code: 1422)
99.99($ 139.05)
Nemesis Now Elvis Presley Figurine Bust Ornament

Cast in resin with bronze finish.33 cm height.

(Code: 2216)
79.99($ 111.23)
Nemesis Now Bronzed Halvor Viking Longship FigurineBronzed Viking Longship Figurine. The perfect addition to any Viking collection. Cast in high-quality resin. Painstakingly hand-painted. 24 cm high
(Code: 667)
64.99($ 90.37)
Nemesis Now Viking Berserker28.5 cm high. Polyresin cast in bronze finish.
(Code: 1921)
59.99($ 83.42)
Nemesis Now Sir William Wallace 28.5 cm high. Polyresin cast in bronze finish.
(Code: 1201)
54.99($ 76.47)
Nemesis Now Iron Throne ChaliceResin with stainless steel insert
(Code: 2817)
34.99($ 48.66)
BjornViking figurine.Cast in polyresin.Hand painted.18 cm height.
(Code: 1562)
20.00($ 27.81)
Buddha Statue From ThailandGood quality resin in gold.5 and a half inches tall.Came from Phuket in Thailand.


(Code: 46)
14.99($ 20.85)
Pink Floyd Shot GlassResin with stainless steel insert. Comes with display box which is slightly damaged.
(Code: 1949)
12.99($ 18.06)
Robert The Bruce Figurine11.5 cm polyresin figure 
(Code: 1320)
10.00($ 13.91)
Glenfiddich Celtic Brooch


All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present