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(Code: 2872)
65.00($ 90.81)
Germanic Warrior Chief Teutoburg Forest 9ADVery high quality metal figure with outstanding detail.Good solid weight .Maker stamp to base.
(Code: 1862)
55.00($ 76.84)
Honor Bound Panzer Crew Four figures
(Code: 1552)
50.00($ 69.86)
Honor Bound Damaged Panther CrewThree figures
(Code: 2588)
50.00($ 69.86)
Honor Bound Panzer CrewThree figures
(Code: 2057)
21.00($ 29.34)
Corgi CC59154 Lt JRM Chard V.C. Rorkes Drift 1879Forward March series.Limited Edition 1/32 scale.Comes in presentation box with certificate.
(Code: 1979)
20.00($ 27.94)
Honour Bound Panzer CrewmanOne figure
(Code: 1528)
18.00($ 25.15)
Hornby Railways R582 Ticket OfficeComplete with original box and in excellent condition .Vintage 1970's .
(Code: 1961)
10.00($ 13.97)
Del Prado Soldierscollection of Del Prado figures of many nations and periods.
mounted figures £10 each unmounted figures £5 each.
If you add an item to cart we will send one random mounted figure or two unmounted, call or email for specific figure.

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