Kenneth James Andrew

Treasure Bunker owner and Managing Director Kenneth Andrew began to develop an interest in military history during his school years. His interest came from his desire to find out more about his three uncles who all held the rank of Sergeant. Kenny's Great Uncle, Sgt. Thomas Caldwell served with the Royal Scots Fusiliers during WW1 he was awarded the Victoria Cross. His other Uncle Sgt. John Henderson served with the Cameronians in North West Europe during WW2, he received a personal commendation from Field Marshall Montgomery. His third Uncle Sgt. Erich Hager served with Panzer Regiment 39 on the Eastern Front and took part in the attempt to breakthrough to the encircled troops in Stalingrad. Kenny collects Panzer and Cameronian related items.

Stephen Cameron BA

Stephen joined Treasure Bunker in 1998 as Sales Manager and Company Secretary. Steve started to develop an interest in Militaria and anything historical from about age five, with encouragement from his father. Steve's Great Uncle Flight Sergeant Robert Cameron flew Lancaster Bombers in WW2, until he was killed in 1941 protecting a convoy in the North Atlantic. His Uncle James Cameron was in the Seaforth Highlanders part of the Highland Division who held the Germans back at St.Valery as part of the relief operation of Dunkirk. He ended the war as one of the guards at the Nuremberg trials.The Napoleonic and Victorian Era particularly the Zulu wars are of interest to Steve, he also collects German WW2 memorabilia.

Kenny founded The Treasure Bunker in 1986 in the historic Virginia Galleries, it was the first Militaria shop in Scotland and in 1996 he set up the first militaria website in the world. Kenny has written a book about his Uncle Hager, published by Schiffer, the book can be purchased HERE

panzer soldier war diary
Sgt Eric Hager Panzer Regiment

Sergeant Eric Hager Panzer Regiment 39 17th Panzer Division With his Panzer IV on the Eastern Front

Sgt John Henderson

Sergeant John Henderson  6th Battalion The Cameronians  Preparing to assault Walcheren Island.

Sgt Thomas Caldwell Victoria Cross

Sergeant Thomas Caldwell V.C.  12th Battalion  Royal Scots Fusiliers  On right, after being  awarded the Victoria Cross.

All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present