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Military Books, Prints, DVD's etc.

(Code: 1555)
£ 595.00($ 729.31)
R.A.F. Dambusters 'Gibson Over The Mohne' Framed Signed Print.Framed and signed print by Mike Aspinall depicting Wing Commander Guy Gibson's Lancaster attacking the Mohne dam on the night of 16-17 May 1943 . The print is signed by four 617 Squadron crew who flew in the raid and by two crucial members of the 617 Squadron ground crew.
Collection only due to glass in frame.We have other signed prints in stock too, please contact us for details. 
(Code: 1581)
£ 595.00($ 729.31)
 WW2 German General Heinz Guderian Framed Signature & PostcardNice framed original signature and original period postcard of the legendary German Panzer General.


(Code: 2831)
£ 300.00($ 367.72)
WW2 German Waffen SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Karl Heinz Gustavsson Signed Photographs & LetterTwo photographs one that is signed by Gustavsson on 10.2.1975 and another photograph that he has written details on the back and its location of Hamburg in 1944. Included is a hand written letter by Gustavsson written on 13.1.1987
Gustavsson was Commander of 3rd SS Flak Battalion of the 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' in March 1945. On 3rd March he was allegedly awarded the Knights Cross but there was no official award documentation to support this. However this was common this late in the war. Modern historians and reference works tend to state he was not awarded the Knights Cross but some argue he was,he was however a highly decorated Officer .

(Code: 1769)
£ 295.00($ 361.59)
WW2 Hitler's Mein Kampf IllustratedPublished in 1939 in English by Hutchison and Co Plublishers Ltd in association with Hurst and Blackett Ltd, London.An unexpurgated edition with many illustrations throughout.Hardback.Burgandy leather  Spine has crack to bottom corner.Gilt lettering and a gilt eagle with swastika to upper spine.Several pages inside have repairs to tears.Rare version.

(Code: 2110)
£ 225.00($ 275.79)
WW2 British North West Frontier Target Harmonisation Poster
WW2 produced and used to practice coordinating the firing of members of a section to a specific targets.Very rare as few of these remain.Printed  by J.Weiner Ltd London.From a War Office design and Crown Copyrighted.These details are to bottom left corner,printed on bottom right corner is 'North West Frontier Fig 3'. Foldlines throughout and some tears.Very rare.Size 60 inches x 24 inches.

(Code: 2061)
£ 225.00($ 275.79)
WW2 British Middle East Target Harmonisation PosterWW2 produced and used to practice coordinating the firing of members of a section to a specific targets.Very rare as few of these remain.Printed  by J.Weiner Ltd London.From a War Office design and Crown Copyrighted.These details are to bottom left corner,printed on bottom right corner is 'Middle East Fig 3'. Foldlines throughout and some tears.Very rare.

(Code: 2089)
£ 180.00($ 220.63)
Das Reich I 1934-39 Signed CopyLimited Signed numbered copy by author Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Weidinger who served in the 2 SS Panzer Division during the war. J.F. Fedorowicz Publishing.Hardback.312 pages.Maps and photographs.


(Code: 1342)
£ 140.00($ 171.60)
1950's WW2 German Waffen SS Wolfgang Willrich Prints Collection. A 1950's reproduction of the famous artist Wolfgang Willrich WW2 collection of his drawings of SS Soldiers head profiles,some famous Officers included.12 prints and introduction foreword by Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.This collection comes in a nice folder with SS runes to front in metallic silver. Originals of these are near impossible to find and the reproductions themselves are very scarce.

(Code: 2212)
£ 120.00($ 147.09)
The Leibstandarte IV/2 Signed CopyJ.F. Fedorowicz Publishing.Hardback.464 pages. Signed limited numbered copy by the author Ralf Tiemann who served with the Leibstandarte in WW2.Many photos and maps.  
(Code: 2846)
£ 100.00($ 122.57)
The Story Of The Green Howards.
(Code: 1919)
£ 95.00($ 116.44)
WW2 German Adolf Hitler Cigarette Card AlbumComplete album in good condition.Some minor spliiting to spine edge.
(Code: 2166)
£ 70.00($ 85.80)
Waffenrock-Parade Uniforms Of The German ArmySealed Hardback with dust cover. 592 pages,1140 photos nearly all in colour.R .James Bender Publishing.1st Edition
(Code: 1099)
£ 60.00($ 73.54)
The Leibstandarte III Hardback. JJ.Fedorowicz Publishing.478 pages. Volume III of the history of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
(Code: 2062)
£ 60.00($ 73.54)
The Leibstandarte IV/1 J.F. Fedorowicz Publishing.By Rudolf Lehmann & Ralf Tiemann.Hardback. 358 pages.Photos and maps.Both authors served in the Leibstandarte 1st SS Panzer Division


(Code: 2899)
£ 60.00($ 73.54)
War With The Boers by H.Brown volumes 1-4, volume 5 missing.


(Code: 1865)
£ 55.00($ 67.41)
Personnel Documents Of The SS350 Pages.By Charles Barger and J A Bowman.Imperial Publications


(Code: 1945)
£ 49.95($ 61.22)
The War Diaries of a Panzer Soldier: Erich Hager with the 17th Panzer Division on the Russian FrontThe Treasure Bunkers First Book The War Diaries of a Panzer Soldier: By Kenneth Andrew and David Garden.Erich Hager with the 17th Panzer Division on the Russian Front 1941-1945.If you would like a signed copy by Kenny at no extra charge please send an email or phone before ordering the book.

(Code: 1668)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
AfrikaKorps-Army,Luftwaffe,Kriegsmarine. Tropical Uniforms,Insignia & Equipment. Hardback.Shiffer Publishing. 348 pages. Hundreds of colour photographs. Excellent for militaria collectors and history enthusiasts.
(Code: 2122)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
Uniforms, Organisation & History Condor Legion
Hardback.R.James Bender Publishing.332 pages.History and photos.
(Code: 2430)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
In The Firestorm Of The Last Year Of The War   Hardback.JJ.Fedorowicz Publishing. 500 Pages.32 pages of photographs.Maps and diagrams.The Combat History of the 9th SS Panzer Division and the 10th SS Panzer Division which formed the II SS Panzer Korps.
Covers their formation,Russia 1943,Normandy 44, Hill 112,Falaise Gap,Arnhem,Ardennes.
Author Wilhelm Tieke

(Code: 2649)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
Prisoners Of War British Army 1939-45 BookHardback.Alphabetical registers of over 107,000 British Army Prisoners Of War of all ranks held in Germany and Occupied Territories.
(Code: 2701)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
Last Victory In Russia-The SS Panzerkorps and Manstein's Kharkov Counteroffensive Feb-March 1943Schiffer Publishing.Hardback.372 pages. Hundreds of photos.
(Code: 548)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
The Leibstandarte IIIHardback. JJ.Fedorowicz Publishing.478 pages. Volume III of the history of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.Some damage to front cover edge and bottom corner.

(Code: 983)
£ 45.00($ 55.16)
The Collectors Guild to Cloth Third Reich Headgearsmall 1cm tear to the dust cover edge of the book on the top left hand side

By Gary Wilkins.

(Code: 2652)
£ 42.50($ 52.09)
Twelve Years With Hitler-A History Of 1st Company Leibstandarte SS Adolf HitlerSchiffer Publishing.Hardback.388 pages.Hundreds of photographs.
(Code: 1272)
£ 40.00($ 49.03)
For Rex And For Belgium Hardback.304 pages.Full history with hundreds of photos
(Code: 1519)
£ 40.00($ 49.03)
Panzer Aces 2Hardback.J.F. Fedorowicz Publishing. 582 pages. 100 period photos and maps. Covers the lives of six Panzer Aces.


(Code: 638)
£ 40.00($ 49.03)
Infanterie AcesHardback.532 pages.JJ.Fedorowicz Publishing.Hundreds of photographs.


(Code: 2769)
£ 40.00($ 49.03)
Vintage Flying HelmetsVintage Flying Helmets
(Code: 949)
£ 47.99($ 58.82)
Forman’s Guide To Third Reich Documents Vol. 1  By Adrian FormanAfter several years of intense research by Adrian Forman, Volume 1 of his "document price guide" is now available to compliment his popular 2nd Edition of "Forman's Guide to Third Rech German Awards...and Their Values." This heavily illustrated book not only shows certificates/documents for every award illustrated in the 2nd Edition, but also numerous variations and their current values. The many variants will show comparisons of official stamps and printing styles, and original or facsimile signatures in relation to date, plus, the many types of design and size. An absolute "must have" if your interest is Third Reich decorations!
(Code: 2759)
£ 38.99($ 47.79)
Postcards Of Hitlers GermanyPostal Stationary/Printed To Private Order/Propaganda
(Code: 2741)
£ 34.00($ 41.67)
Die Wehrmacht
(Code: 2092)
£ 30.00($ 36.77)
Charlemagne's LegionnairesHardback.276 Pages.Many photographs.


(Code: 2751)
£ 30.00($ 36.77)
The All American.An illustrated history of the 82nd Airborne Division.
(Code: 554)
£ 30.00($ 36.77)
Postcards Of Hitler's Germany Vol 1Hardback.372 pages. R.James Bender Publishing


(Code: 652)
£ 30.00($ 36.77)
Heinrich Himmler-A Photographic ChronicleSchiffer Publishing.Hardback.244 pages.
(Code: 998)
£ 30.00($ 36.77)
Postcards Of Hitler's Germany Vol 2Hardback.364 pages.R.James Bender publishing.


(Code: 1932)
£ 25.00($ 30.64)
In Perfect Formation-SS Ideology And The SS Junkerschule-TolzHardback 164 pages.Many photos.
(Code: 850)
£ 25.00($ 30.64)
Himmler's Cavalry-The Equestrian SS 1930-45Hardback 224 pages.Excellent account of the SS Cavalry
(Code: 2053)
£ 24.00($ 29.42)
Arthur Bryant Historical TriogyThe historian's renowned trilogy of books on Britain ,1793-1802 The Years Of Endurance,1802-1812 Years Of Victory,1812-1822 The Age Of Elegance.Hardbacks.Approx 1500 pages . 
(Code: 2722)
£ 21.00($ 25.74)
German Battle Tactics On The Russian Front
Schiffer Publishing.Hardback. 276 Pages.


(Code: 932)
£ 21.00($ 25.74)
Comrades To The End-The 4th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment Der Fuhrer 1938-45Hardback.Schiffer Publishing.Dust cover.468 pages.Some light staining to page edges.Written by former commander Otto Weidinger.
(Code: 1236)
£ 20.00($ 24.51)
Tigers In The MudPaperback.The Combat Career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius by the man himself.368 pages.Many photographs.


(Code: 1505)
£ 20.00($ 24.51)
The Roman Wall In ScotlandBy Sir George MacDonald.Hardback Second Edition 1934

(Code: 288)
£ 20.00($ 24.51)
The Roman Fort At BalmuidyBy S.N. Miller M.A. .First Edition 1922 Hardback


(Code: 10)
£ 18.00($ 22.06)
Deadlock before MoscowHistory of Army Group Centre by Franz Curowski, hardback.