Replica Allied Medals, Badges & Uniforms

(Code: 1636)
499.00($ 668.02)
Replica WW1 British Army Uniform Complete early war British Army uniform, consisting of tunic with brass general service buttons and West Yorks shoulder titles.Straight leg trousers with putties and correct pattern brown boots.Stiff peaked pattern 05 cap with brass Yorkshire Regiment cap badge.P08 webbing set including waist belt with buckle, satchel, shovel helve, water bottle carrier, bayonet frog and shoulder straps.Mannequin not included. Yorkshire Regiment
(Code: 1139)
18.00($ 24.10)
Replica Hero Of The Soviet Union MedalHeroic acts in the defence of the Soviet Union were rewarded with the Hero of the Soviet Union throughout WW2 and the Cold War era, with the first medal awarded in 1939. These quality replicas feature the gold star suspended from the red ribbon finished bar, with a screw pin on the reverse for fitting.
(Code: 428)
18.00($ 24.10)
Replica British Victoria CrossThis pattern of cross issued from Victorian to present day.
(Code: 2876)
12.00($ 16.06)
Replica French Legion Of Honour-1st Empire OfficerKnown as The National Order of the Legion of Honor. Established by Napoleon Bonaparte, this order is the highest decoration in France.The Medal was introduced in May, 1802. It is finished in enamel and comes with a length of the correct ribbon.A finely-detailed replica of the French Legion of Honor award, introduced by Napoleon and is the most famous French award.
(Code: 2665)
8.00($ 10.71)
Replica British Parachute Regiment Cap Badge Queens CrownQueens crown Parachute Regiment Cap worn from 1953 onwards.
(Code: 2467)
6.95($ 9.30)
Replica WW2 British Parachute Regiment Shoulder TitlesA pair of embroidered shoulder flashes for members of the Parachute Regiment. These embroidered patches feature the PARACHUTE REGIMENT text at the centre, embroidered in navy blue thread on a light blue backing.
(Code: 2566)
6.95($ 9.30)
Replica WW2 British Airborne Shoulder FlashesA pair of British Airborne shoulder flashes, as worn on the uniforms of British Airborne troops. These embroidered patches feature the AIRBORNE text at the centre, embroidered in sky blue thread on a maroon wool backing.
(Code: 35)
5.00($ 6.69)
Replica WW2 British SAS cloth cap badgeWW2 British SAS cloth cap badge. The badge features the 'Who Dares Wins' motto at the centre of the embroidered SAS emblem. Worn on the sand coloured SAS berets of WW2, with a very similar design still used today.
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