Replica WW1 Imperial German Items

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Replica WW1Imperial Blue Max With OakleavesIn March 1813 Frederick Wilhelm III added gilt oak leaves to the the award.Award of the oak leaves was originally for extraordinary achievement in battle and was usually reserved for high ranking officers.The original regulations called for the capture or successful defense of a fortification or victory in a battle. By WWI the oak leaves often indicated a second or higher award of the Pour le Merite though in most cases the recipients were still high-ranking officers.Lower ranking recipients of the oak leaves were mainly general staff officers responsible for planning a victorious battle or campaign.
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Replica WW1 Imperial German Blue Max or Pour Le MeriteBlue Max or Pour Le Merite, enamelled on both sides and finished in gilt. The Blue Max award the 'Pour Le Mérite', was the highest military order awarded to German soldiers in World War One. Attainable across all fronts and forms of warfare, this fine reproduction is complete with the accurate black and silver ribbon. 
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Replica Imperial German Pilots BadgeImperial German Prussian Aviatorís metal breast badges were awarded to qualified aviators during WWI. High profile recipients included Manfred von Richhofen, famously known as ĎThe Red Baroní. The reverse is complete with the correct style pin fixing.The badge is die-struck in brass with an antiqued silver finish.
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£ 15.00($ 20.96)
Replica WW2 German Wound Badge In SilverReproduction of the WWI Imperial Wound Badge in Silver. The Silver issue was awarded to men who had sustained three to four wounds during service. The helmet is at the centre of a laurel wreath, and the reverse features the correct needle pin fixing, as per the originals.
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