Tanks & Figures, King & Country

(Code: 2624)
395.00($ 502.22)
LAH40 Hitler Staff Car And Figures
Excellent model with great details.The Fuhrer and his SS Guards.Small paint abrasion to windscreen.


(Code: 2672)
265.00($ 336.93)
DD49 3/4 Ton Dodge Weapon Carrier And Trailer
Excellent detailed vehicles and figures.Boxed
(Code: 1113)
225.00($ 286.08)
BBA 04 Friend Or FoeNice set complete with box.
(Code: 1903)
150.00($ 190.72)
WSS65 The Last Stand

 Set of four German Soldiers from the Waffen SS including a badly wounded one fight valiantly against the Soviet hordes in the last stand in Berlin 1945.Mint with box.

(Code: 808)
120.00($ 152.57)
King & Country NA46 French DragoonBoxed mounted figure.
(Code: 2823)
95.00($ 120.79)
AE29 The Gift Givers
(Code: 1238)
75.00($ 95.36)
 BR29 Scottish Highlander Officer With FlagAmerican War Of Independence.
(Code: 1471)
49.00($ 62.30)
CW56 Officer TentTent for British German American WW2 WW1 Civil War Dioramas etc
(Code: 1203)
45.00($ 57.22)
EA02 Scottish PiperV.G.C.
(Code: 2519)
39.00($ 49.59)
NA19 3rd Line Voltigeur Corporal CrouchingBayonet has detached from rifle but could be repaired.
(Code: 1379)
20.00($ 25.43)
DD102 Fusiier Marins OfficerFrench Marine officer with binos
(Code: 2238)
16.00($ 20.34)
JGBBG01 Winter Road BaseFour bases depicting a a frosty country track,will suite all 1/35th to 1/30th scale figures and vehichles , total length 24"
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