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W.Britain Figures

(Code: 1709)
215.00($ 273.08)
20009 - Rorkes Drift Hospital Front and InteriorNo 61 of 400

(Code: 2758)
135.00($ 171.47)
20028 - 'Overwhelming Odds', British  24th Foot Repelling Zulu uDloko Regiment WarriorA sought after and hard to find set.
(Code: 637)
65.00($ 82.56)
20012 - Rorke's Drift, Hospital Vignette No.2, "Taken from the Hospital,"

 "Taken from the Hospital," 24th Foot Hauled Out By Married Zulu


All items are offered purely for historical, collectable reasons and without sympathy expressed or implied for any military or political organizations past or present