Original WW1 Imperial German, Austro-Hungarian, Turkish & Weimar Militaria

(Code: 2335)
£ 695.00($ 892.38)
WW1 Imperial German Prussian EM's PickelhaubeBrass fitted Pickelhaube with helmet plate that has had some repairs to the reverse.This is only visible when removed.
Chinstrap is a good quality replica.National cockade to right side and on left is the state of Hessen rather than Prussia.Unit marked to the rear.Liner in excellent condition. 


(Code: 2572)
£ 425.00($ 545.70)
Egyptian Khedives Guard Cuirassier Helmet Approximately 1840s-50s this helmet was worn by Egyptian Cuirassier regiments who were bodyguards to the Khedive of Egypt Muhammed Ali Pasha.He was Khedive or Viceroy/Governor of Egypt and Sudan, a vassal of the Ottoman Empire.

These helmets were made in France and also by Henry Wilkinson of London.The Cuirassier Uniforms of the Khedives regiments followed European military styles of the time particularly France.There is much rust throughout the surface and interior of helmet but this could be cleaned up and removed and improve the appearance.
Crown is missing its dome and half moon spike and there is no chainmail aventail present to rear.Interior liner is also absent.Left side of chinstrap chainmail is present however the right side is missing a part of its attachment.Interior rear neck guard has the aventail chainmail attachment hooks present. Brass helmet centre band and round brass side discs in reasonable condition.There are three dents to the upper crown at front,side and rear. 
The front arrow shaped visor guard is rusted but intact.To front right side of helmet crown is white paint that appears to be an accidental occurence at some time. 
An unusual and rare helmet.
(Code: 2132)
£ 295.00($ 378.78)
WW1 German M16 Transitional Helmet ShellWW1 M16 Helmet used by the German forces, and into the Third Reich era. Issued to reserve and second line troops well into WW2. High percentage of its Third Reich 'Dunkelgrau' paint remains. Faint stamp to rear interior neck guard. No liner. This helmet was part of a collection brought back by an R.A.F. veteran  that we have acquired.

(Code: 2857)
£ 265.00($ 340.26)
Turkish Ottoman 18th Century Flintlock PistolUntouched Turkish Ottoman flintlock holster pistol.Heavy rust throughout lock ,plate and barrel.Brass tang to front of barrel missing.Brass baseplate to butt missing.Maker mark to lock side plate and stamp to brass trigger guard plate.Numerous chips and dents throughout wood furniture.Barrel is slightly loose from furniture.Flintlock mechanism and hammer v stiff and hammer does not lock into position.Trigger is seized tight.Some cleaning and maintenance should resolve these issues.
These type of pistols were used extensively in the conflicts in the Balkans including the Greek Uprisings

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(Code: 1301)
£ 235.00($ 301.74)
Imperial German Brunswick Landwehr Association PennantVery nice pennant for 50 years membership in the 'Braunschweiger Landwehr Verband'.Brass hanging rail with pennant in the Brunswick colours and similar coloured tassles.Pennant is 11'' in length and 5'' width.Bottom of pennant has gilt bullion tassles.To centre of pennant is silver metal Brunswick Landwehr badge surmounting silver Iron cross containing words 'For God,King and Empire with date 1875 beneath.Hanging from cross is a gilt pendant containing number '50' and the word 'Jahre'(Years)  circled with oakleaves . Some stitching coming away to pennant where it holds the brass rail.


(Code: 2205)
£ 165.00($ 211.86)
WW1 Turkish Gallipoli StarMaker marked 'B.B & Co'.Minus pin otherwise excellent condition
(Code: 495)
£ 125.00($ 160.50)
WW1 Imperial German Panzer Memorial ChairVery unusual wooden chair, we have been unable to find out exactly what this chair is for, but it has been suggested it is a memorial chair for a fallen comrade.The chair has the soldiers name J.Dietrich painted above a wood inlay German helmet with 1914 -1918 and sword within a shield.On either side of the shield is a painted panzer and Panzer badge.A very unusual item, any further information on this item would be welcome.Chair is quite fragile to post so buyer must collect or arrange courier. V.G.C.
(Code: 526)
£ 125.00($ 160.50)
WW1 Imperial German U Boat Memorial ChairVery unusual wooden chair, we have been unable to find out exactly what this chair is for, but it has been suggested it is a memorial chair for a fallen comrade.The chair has the sailors name F. Konig painted above a wood inlay German helmet with 1914 -1918 and sword within a shield.On either side of the shield is a painted U boat and U boat badge.A very unusual item, any further information on this item would be welcome.Chair is quite fragile to post so buyer must collect or arrange courier. V.G.C.
(Code: 2828)
£ 110.00($ 141.24)
WW1 German M07 Dreyse Pistol Holster Holster for the 7.65 mm Dreyse automatic pistol.Dated 1916 and maker stamped Rudolf Wiemer Mulheim

(Code: 1422)
£ 100.00($ 128.40)
WW1 Turkish Ottoman Gallipoli Star

The Gallipoli Star or Iron Crescent was instituted by the Sultan Mehmed Reshad V in 1915 for bravery in battle. Some enamel has come away to upper part of star and to lower right. To the reverse is  maker marked for "B.B. & Co.". 

(Code: 1625)
£ 95.00($ 121.98)
WW1/WW2 German Red Cross Armband Imperial German Medics armband that has been reissued in WW2 with Medic stamp to front and stitched red felt cross on white cotton armband. 

(Code: 2765)
£ 65.00($ 83.46)
WW1 German Deutsches Heer Armband
Cotton field grey armband with printed lettering and Army Command District Stamp Bavaria


(Code: 2900)
£ 65.00($ 83.46)
WW1 Imperial German Prussian Obersts ShoulderboardColonel's Shoulderboard with Regimental number '7' gilt cypher.


(Code: 1252)
£ 45.00($ 57.78)
Prussian Combatants Medal 1848-49Minus ribbon.


(Code: 2235)
£ 45.00($ 57.78)
 Imperial  Prussian 9 Year Service MedalV.G.C.
(Code: 2822)
£ 45.00($ 57.78)
Imperial German Lutzow Cavalry  Veterans Badge Alloy badge

(Code: 1191)
£ 35.00($ 44.94)
WW1 Imperial German Fire Brigade Shoulder Strap Slip on Fire Brigade shoulder strap with Fire Brigade button and brass numeral three. Stud fastening with some small holes to the  reverse otherwise good condition.
(Code: 2680)
£ 30.00($ 38.52)
WW1 Prussian War Helpers Service MedalV.G.C.
(Code: 1984)
£ 28.00($ 35.95)
Prussian 1870/71 War Commemorative MedalFor service in the Franco-Prussian War.Has recipient's name etched to front.


(Code: 1010)
£ 25.00($ 32.10)
Duppel Storm Cross MedalMilitary medal of the Kingdom of Prussia commemorating The Battle off Duppel 18th April 1864 with Denmark. The medal is in the shape of a cross.Between the arms of the cross is a laurel wreath and in the center is a round medallion.The medal bears the effigy of King Wilhelm I circumscribed are the words WILHELM KOENIG VON PREUSSEN (William King of Prussia).On the reverse depicts a crowned Prussian eagle perched upon a Danish cannon. The top arm of the cross has the word DÜPPEL, the left arm of the cross has 18, the right arm has APR., and the bottom arm of the cross bears the year 1864. Medal is quite worn with replacement suspension ring and ribbon.  


(Code: 1668)
£ 20.00($ 25.68)
WW1 Bulgarian Commemorative War MedalV.G.C.
(Code: 1832)
£ 20.00($ 25.68)
Weimar Era German Bismarckjugend Bund Stick PinBismarck youth badge from the youth wing of the German National Peoples Party (DNVP) a national Conservative party during the time of the Weimar Republic. Before the rise of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) it was the major conservative and nationalist party in Weimar Germany. It was an alliance of nationalists, reactionary monarchists, and other elements, and supported by the Pan German League.1930s enamel stick pin

(Code: 2000)
£ 20.00($ 25.68)
1920 German 2 Mark Banknotes10 red version notes from 1920.

(Code: 2213)
£ 20.00($ 25.68)
WW1 Imperial German Deutcher Krieger Bund Badge maker marked H. Schilling Berlin, one arm of ribbon a little fragile otherwise good condition.
(Code: 232)
£ 20.00($ 25.68)
WW1 Imperial German Pin Back Badge Unknown Imperial German Pin back badge , small section of white paint missing from shield otherwise

(Code: 895)
£ 24.00($ 30.82)
WW1 Imperial German Silver Friedrich August Medailleminus ribbon otherwise

(Code: 1861)
£ 18.00($ 23.11)
WW1 Imperial German Belt Hook Brass belt hook with Imperial crown.


(Code: 1606)
£ 15.00($ 19.26)
WW1 German Cross Of Honour With Swords Ribbon BarWith pin back device.


(Code: 2123)
£ 15.00($ 19.26)
WW1 German DRKB Armband InsigniaMachine woven DRKB(German Veteran Association) emblem.Emblem consists of a white bordered shield with the Imperial German colours beneath the  "Kyffhäuserbund,"  war memorial monument 


(Code: 962)
£ 15.00($ 19.26)
WW1 Old Comrades Award BadgeTop half of award with lower half  of badge missing.Otherwise good condition and pin intact
(Code: 169)
£ 14.40($ 18.49)
WW1 Imperial German Double Ribbon bar Iron cross 2nd class and State bar V.G.C.
(Code: 1179)
£ 10.00($ 12.84)
WW1 Imperial German Three Ribbon Lapel ButtonComprising Three state ribbons including Hindenburg Cross


(Code: 398)
£ 10.00($ 12.84)
WW2 German Old Comrades Stickpinstamped Ges Gesch.

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